Patios are a popular recreational space that increases the appeal of your landscape and the value of your property. However, a poorly constructed patio can be a eyesore on your compound. For this reason, you should always work with professional patio contractors. However, how do you assess the expertise of your patio contractor? Below are some valuable tips. 


Previous customer reviews will help you identify experienced patio contractors in your area. Determine how past clients related with the contractor. For instance, did the contactor finish the work within the stipulated timeline? Were the contractor's employees disciplined when working in their homes? Did the contractor alter the service charges once the construction works began? These inquiries will give a better understanding of the patio contractor's work ethic. 

Design Capabilities

Given that you would want your patio to stand out, examine the contractor's design capabilities. Their portfolio will give insights into the creativity of their design team. Typically, you would want to avoid contractors who replicate their designs or certain aspects of their designs. Rather than choose a specific design, inform the contractor of how you envision your patio and ask them to develop several designs. For instance, what size of patio do you want? Do you want a patio that extends from the front, back, or side of your house? What is the maximum number of people that will sit inside the patio? What type of roof do you want? Will you use the patio during cold days? Do you need internal patio amenities such as lighting, a fire pit, or an entertainment system? 

Experienced contractors will visit your home to establish the viability of your project. For instance, they might ask for strata or resident association bylaws to determine if you are allowed to build a patio. Besides, they might examine land records to ensure the area you intend to construct the patio does not have an easement. Finally, the contractor will assess your home's design to ensure the patio blends well into your compound and improves its appeal. 

Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is a trending practice in the construction industry. Therefore, ask the patio contractor whether they observe sustainability when building patios. For instance, you could use timber from sustainable forests or reuse construction materials around your home when building the patio. Alternatively, they could source bricks, aggregate and wood from demolition sites. 

When hiring a patio contractor, examine their reputation, design capabilities and ability to incorporate sustainable practices.