Screen printing remains a popular technique for both personal and commercial applications due to the array of advantages that it offers. Not only is it an economical option when printing large quantities, but the prints are much more enduring than those created by other printing methods. However, if you are deliberating on screen printing for promotional t-shirts for staff apparel, you must bear some considerations in mind so that you are not disappointed by the final results. This is especially true when you are choosing this technique for all-over designs. For more on this, check out the following fundamental factors to take into account for successful t-shirt screen printing.

Exclusively employ cotton t-shirts

One of the first steps that you should take if you want to ensure the best t-shirt screen printing results is to solely utilise cotton supplies. There are several reasons why this material is better than other fabrics. For starters, cotton is one of the most permeable fabrics available so you can rest assured that the ink will not settle on the surface of the fabric. Rather, it will seep directly into the woven cotton fibres. Secondly, you can position your design virtually anywhere on a cotton t-shirt so you have enhanced versatility. As a bonus tip, choose a couple of colours for the design to mitigate the risk of distortion. Overall, when you choose cotton as your primary fabric, you can expect that the finished result will be striking.

Simplify your design

The second factor to take into account when opting for t-shirt screen printing is the complexity of your chosen design. Admittedly, screen printing is renowned for how true to form it is to the initial design. Nevertheless, to limit the risk of distortions in your final product, it is advisable to simplify the design. Large designs that are heavily constructed with straight lines and intricate shapes are vulnerable to off-registration, more so when the print lands on the seams of the t-shirt. Instead, of taking this risk, you may want to keep your design simplified enough to fit the blank canvas of the t-shirt so that it is not disrupted by any seams. Alternatively, if you are keen on a complex print, you should have your designer factor in the cut of the t-shirts into the print. For example, your designer could integrate the seams as part of the overall design of the screen printed t-shirts.