Insulation is one of the most important parts of any home's construction and one that many people forget until after their initial construction is complete. The last thing you will want to do is to have to take out some of the walls to put insulation in before you move your family into the house. However, many people also do not know at what stage of the construction of their homes should they call insulation contractors to get them ready and primed to install all your insulation needs. Here is a quick guide to know when you should call insulation contractors.

Outer Shell Is Done

There is no use in calling for insulation contractors before your home is completely sealed up. Even if the frame of your house is very obviously done, if you do not have exterior walls and a roof in place, then there is no way that insulation can be installed as it would get ruined within a day from dew, rain or dust. However, once the frame is in place, you are getting close, as the frame is where most of your insulation will be placed between. Still, at this point of the build, it is time to wait.

House Wrap And Gutters

After the outer shell is done, you still have a few more steps that need to be completed before your insulation can be put in place. First of all, you need to ensure that you have adequate draining form your roof in the form of gutters. This will ensure that no water finds its way through any tiny gaps and cracks into your home but rather that it has a designated escape route. Then the house wrap will be installed. This is a tiny piece of material that does a big job of preventing drafts and water from getting in at any part of your wall, and it is vital in protecting insulation in the long term.

Before The Plasterboard Goes Up

After your house wrap is in place, you are ready for the insulation contractors to come in and start filling in every wall of your house with the material you agreed on. Make sure that you do not let any plasterboard go up before you have had your insulation put in, because as aforementioned, once the plasterboard is up, you will need to tear it down to put the insulation in. The insulation in your roof is often done at this time too, but it can be done after as there are generally fewer things blocking access to the roof crawl space once construction is finished.