Headphones are critical for workers in a noisy manufacturing plant. The safety devices are designed to protect the staff's ears and enhance overall productivity in factories and other noisy environments. Therefore, suppliers must source top-quality headphones made from the right materials to ensure the success of their business. The reason is that different headphones brands are made from various magnets, some of which do not meet industry standards. This article highlights the reasons why you should only supply safety headphones made from rare earth neodymium magnets.


Manufacturing plant workers spend most of their time on a production floor monitoring the performance of equipment and the quality of goods produced. Therefore, employees don't want bulky headphones that tire and hurt their neck muscles before completing their shifts. Neodymium rare earth magnets are considered the most powerful in the industry, regardless of size. As such, you should only supply headphones made from these magnets because they are lighter and smaller than other magnets. The headphones ensure that workers are comfortable throughout the day, which enhances productivity. Besides, the lightweight attribute of neodymium magnets means that shipping costs of the headphones are significantly lower, which allows you to price your devices competitively against other suppliers.

Excellent Sound Quality

Most modern safety headphones come equipped with a microphone, which allows workers and supervisors to communicate effectively on a production floor. However, the noisy environment can affect the sound quality coming through the headphones, which poses a danger to workers who handle dangerous plant machinery. Therefore, you will be doing your customers a disservice by supplying headphones made from low-quality magnets, which do not produce quality sound. On the other hand, the high magnetic flux produced by neodymium rare earth magnets guarantees higher sensitivity and sound clarity. The two attributes are crucial for the safety of plant workers. Most importantly, your customers do not have to pay over the top for the excellent sound quality.

High Sound Output

Apart from sound clarity, manufacturing plant workers need headphones that are loud enough regardless of the pounding, buzzing, and humming environment of a factory. Headphones made from less powerful magnets have low sound output, forcing employees to turn the volume up. Unfortunately, the volume button becomes useless over time as low-quality magnets lose their power. Neodymium rare earth magnets are strong and guarantee a substantial sound output, making headphones audible enough in an industrial facility.

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