Painting your house may seem like a simple task; many homeowners assume they can manage this on their own with a good power washer, paint gun, and perhaps a friend to help. However, the job is often much more complicated than you may realize, and it can be good to have a professional painter tackle it instead. Here are some instances when it's better to call on a professional painter versus painting your own home

When the home is very old

Older homes may have lead-based paint, which should be carefully scraped and removed, and then collected so that it doesn't become airborne. Painters also typically need to wear proper protective equipment including full breathing apparatus when scraping or sanding lead-based paint. In some areas, you may even face fines if you should fail to manage lead-based paint properly, so have a professional tackle this job if your home is old enough to have any type of lead-based paint.

If the home's exterior needs repairs

If your home has aluminium siding and it's suffered a number of dents and dings over the years, these areas may need repair before they can be painted. The same is true with a brick home, if there are chips or cracks in the brick. These should be filled in before any paint is applied, otherwise the paint may chip away or make those cracks look worse. Don't assume that heavy-duty exterior paint will cover over these imperfections, even if they seem minor. A professional painter will know whether or not these issues require further action. They may bump them out, fill in the cracks, or perform other house painting services to get your home ready for fresh paint.

When you're making a huge change to the colour

You may have experienced what it's like to try to put a light wall colour over a dark colour and have it turn out very muddy or otherwise unattractive, or may know how difficult it is to add texture with paint. If you're looking to try something very new with the colour or texture of your house paint, this is why it's good to rely on a professional. Even strong shades of blue, rusty red, or brown can look very different on your home than they do on the paint can or in a magazine picture. Work with a professional and discover exactly the colour or texture you're trying to achieve and you'll be more likely to have the end result be a success.