Have you ever been tempted to take the long way home when coming from the car wash simply because you have the cleanest car on the road? There's nothing wrong about giving in to this temptation if you can afford a few extra gallons of gas.

Now, how much do you spend with every subsequent visit to the car wash? Considering that the market price for some models of electric pressure washers is approximately $100, how many visits to the car wash will you have to skip if you were to save enough money for the most affordable electric pressure washer?

Considering that you'd never have to pay for a clean car after you've bought the washer, you might want to start skipping the car wash sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, here's what you need to know about high pressure cleaning equipment.

Electric Washers Are Less Powerful

Pressure washers run on electricity or gas. Electric washers are often less expensive than those that run on gas. The price difference between the two types of washers can be explained in various ways. One explanation is that electric washers are less powerful and they deliver water at a lower pressure.

This is the exact reason why an electric washer would be a more suitable choice for washing your car. The low-pressure delivery of water works to protect the paintwork on your vehicle. The lower the pressure, the less aggressive the jet of water that will be sprayed onto the vehicle and the less likely you are to chip the paintwork.

Gas Powered Washers Are More Versatile

Once you've bought a pressure washer, you'll probably find other uses for it apart from the cleaning the car. You'll want to use it to eliminate oil/grease stains on the driveway, to clean your deck area and so on.

Thanks to the lower water pressure that they provide, electric washers are more suitable for cleaning-related jobs rather than jobs that call for the removal of stains.

A gas-powered washer might be more expensive, but it allows for greater flexibility in terms of its functionality. You could use a gas-powered washer to clean the car without necessarily damaging the vehicle's paintwork. You'll only need to adjust the nozzle to a wider spray angle and to adjust the washer itself to a lower pressure setting.

There's no reason not to invest in a gas-powered pressure washer if you can afford it.