If you run a small business and your staff have the luxury of a free car park to use, you'll need to make sure that it is kept looking tidy and well-marked.  This presents a good image to visitors and also prevents accidents and overcrowding.

The type of paint that you use on your car park can influence how long it lasts for before you have to do the job again.  Therefore, making the wrong paint choice will clearly end up costing you money in the long run.  So, how do you choose the right paint for this job?  Read on for a helpful guide.

Water-based paint

If the climate that you live in is warm and fairly dry, you could opt to go for a water-based paint.  Although water-based paint generally does not apply well in colder temperatures, it is much better for the environment than other options.  Therefore, if your area tends to have cold winters that are fairly dry, you could still use water-based paint, as long as you apply it during the summer.

Quick-dry water-based paint is available that dries in around five minutes.  This is perfect for use on your company's car park when you don't want too much downtime and inconvenience to staff and visitors.  Water-based paint doesn't have an unpleasant chemical smell while it dries and spills can also be cleaned up very easily using soapy water.

Oil-Based paint

Oil-based paint is good for providing long-lasting coverage that won't need touching-up every year.  This could be the way to go if your car park is very heavily used.  It's also perfect for use in a cool climate as it won't freeze and crack in low temperatures.

On the down side, oil-based paint can take longer to dry than water-based paint, and spills must be cleaned up using a solvent.  In addition, some local councils prohibit the use of oil-based paint so remember to check that you can use it before you go ahead.

Tools for the job

If your car park is small with relatively few lines, you could probably paint it manually, using a brush or a roller and a line marking stencil kit.  This is also fine if all you need to do is touch-up a few damaged lines during your annual car park clean. 

However, for larger jobs you should consider purchasing or hiring a line marking machine.  This will leave a much more professional finish to the job and will make the whole task much quicker.

In conclusion

When considering line painting your company car park, bear in mind the information given above.  For more advice and assistance, have a chat with your local line marking machine supplier.